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Physical Competency Assessment (PCA)

EVERY athlete is different. Brissette Sports Performance understands that in order to truly help athletes achieve their full potential we must first establish an accurate baseline measurement. Once a baseline is established, we then design a tailored sports performance/injury prevention training program aimed at optimizing performance and minimizing the risk of injury. Our approach begins with an in-depth three tiered PCA on EVERY athlete. This assessment is then reviewed with the athlete and acts as the foundation for each individual athlete's training program.

TRAIN to COMPETE Middle/High School Athletes

This program is our foundational athletic development program designed specifically for athletes currently in middle school/high school. This program will help athletes to improve and fully develop the entire range of athletic skills as a foundation for the upcoming season.

TRAIN to COMPETE College Athletes

Over the past eighteen years, I have helped thousands of athletes from Western New York continue their athletic careers and play competitively at all levels. These same athletes turn to BSP for on-going training throughout their athletic careers.  This program is offered during the off-season summer months and winter break.

Team Training

More-and-more athletes are participating in year-round competitive sports. As a result, many athletes are underperforming and/or suffering injuries due to overuse and flawed biomechanics (flexibility, movement compensation, and inappropriate training). At BSP we recognize the need to help educate, develop and train athletes and coaches.  Our staff develops customized programs for teams of all levels. Our programs deliver comprehensive training for sports performance and injury prevention.


This program will be designed specifically for the athlete that is coming back from an injury and is not ready for one of our TRAIN to COMPETE programs or ready to return to the line-up.

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